(Day -3) On a Mission in Los Angeles

IMG_5071Writing is total honesty. For me, writing lacks its indispensability if a person isn’t totally honest in memoir. So, for all intensive purposes, you can ask me anything, tell me anything.

My name is Grace. I’m starting this blog about three days before I leave for Los Angeles.

I’ve never been there, but my sister moved to Santa Monica a few months ago. I can’t say what she does for a living, I’m going to keep that classified for her sake. I said I’d be honest about myself, but I can’t reasonably violate my friends’ privacy.

I’m staying the summer with my sister and hopefully this blog will chronicle some sort of journey, whether it be career oriented, or fun….or romantic. I’m open to whatever, and if it attracts a readership, that would be lovely.

I’m a journalism student from one of those elite (some would say elitist, and some days I would agree) New York City schools. I write just about every genre, and can include pieces between the blogging, if any reader so wishes.

The west coast will be a huge change. I’m going to embracing it, or try, at least.

I’d also like to say I’m not in the habit of writing long pieces, so I promise my writing won’t waste too much of your time.


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