(Day 26) Why You Shouldn’t Date Guys with One Syllable Names (Social Satire)

“Hi, I’m Joe!”

“You can call me Mike.”

“It’s Ben.”

If his name is one syllable, don’t say you haven’t been warned. When he still goes by his middle or high school nickname maybe he just hasn’t shaken it yet, but if he shortens his name then he cannot be serious.

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(Day 25) Cookies


So, today’s post isn’t really about cookies, but damn, aren’t cookies delicious? Definitely something worth craving. Definitely more appealing than our actual topic. Anyway, today I want to talk about something that smells, well, not as good as cookies: body odor.

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A Friday Poem: 30 Down, 30 To Go

In fifteen minutes you will have fifteen minutes left to wait

and you are an expert at waiting fifteen more minutes

waiting in doctors offices made you patient

there were two people ahead of you and after that person there will be only one

then you
when you wait for your mother at work 

she will say “soon”

and you learn that the meaning of “soon”

is watching an ant crawl from one end of the widsheld to another 
at the age of six

a summer is an eternity of play

days jump off swingsets and spin three hundred an sixty degrees

until they land in college ruled notebook paper and three ring binders
but one day, you’ll have to wait thirty days

until there are only thirty days left to wait

before you paint murals on empty walls and hang post cards on your ceiling