(Day 1) Figuring It All Out and Going Out

The stairs to Santa Monica Beach

“It never rains in California.”

Yeah, right…it’s my first full day in California and it drizzled most of the morning. I thought there was a drought? In any case, I adore the beauty of staying inside during a summer storm. My sister just told me that the am fog is normal– phew!

I spent most of the morning exploring the area around my sister’s apartment. The streets are wide and jay walking is apparently not a thing here. Thanks, New York City mentalist, I almost got run over by “The Big Blue Bus.” Can someone please tell me if “The Blue Bus” is truly a form of transportation around here?

I find I’m not as comfortable walking around the streets here as I am in Manhattan. It feels more dangerous. There are far more homeless people and there are no demeanors of cool indifference from the other walkers.

At night, I met one of my sister’s writer friends. We went out with him and his roommate to a bar. For a Wednesday, most of the bars around the LA area were full and booming. Nightlife has never been my thing, but how else do people make friends in LA, and no, I’m not about to download tinder…


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