A Shout Out to Daniel Rolnik Gallery


So, yesterday, I went to a small art gallery near where I’m living in Santa Monica and I met the guy who runs it. His name is Daniel Rolnik and he calls himself “the world’s most adorable art critic,” and by gosh, he is…

I walked into his gallery because my sister said, “I’ve always wanted to go in there.” I started to look around , expecting him to be at work and ignore me because that’s how shot goes down in New York City galleries, but he popped up out of his chair and shook our hands with an ear to ear smile, “Hi, I’m Daniel!” Here’s a link to his site.¬†Without hesitation, I’d say check it out.

FullSizeRenderThe art in his gallery looks like a crss between sarcastic jokes you’d find on Someecards and quirky colorful street art. You’ll want to explore the tiny space for hours and look at every piece. I ended up buying two birthday cards and a sew-on patch that reads “I wanna touch your butt.” Tell me that’s not awesome. I just can’t decide where to sew it yet. Suggestions?

His gallery is eye-catching and he’s so engaging, you’ll leave wanting to be his friend.


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