(Day 3) 5 Differences Between NYC and LA

This is just a list of my opinions from what I have experienced in the Santa Monica/Los Angeles area. If you disagree, tell me and give me a good reason why I’m wrong.

  1. In Los Angeles, no one jay walks. In NYC jay walking is an art that many people master within a few days of living there.
  2. People in New York are passive aggressive. People in LA are outright aggressive bitches. (Yes I’m talking to you, waitress at Cabo Cantina on the 3rd Street promenade who said, “So you aren’t going to tip me?” Honestly, it’s my choice whether or not to tip you, so shut up!)
  3. Nobody walks in LA. I don’t know why, but everything seems further here. In NYC I easily walk 9 miles per day. Here, that’s not a reality. And everyone says, “Do you have a car?”
  4. Bus vesus subway. MTA got it right, that’s all I’m saying.
  5. Breakfast. It’s always always bagels in New York. Californians! What do you people eat for breakfast?!

End of rant. PS I’m totally getting a bike.


2 thoughts on “(Day 3) 5 Differences Between NYC and LA

  1. It is so funny that you’re NY-based, writing about your first summer in LA, and I’m from LA writing about moving to NY! I also went to high school right by 3rd Street Promenade.

    You are spot-on that LA is a driving culture, people hardly ever walk (Santa Monica and Hollywood are the exceptions and they’re mostly tourists), and people can be rude. I think it’s because the environment doesn’t force you to be physically close and co-exist with people like in NY (where I’ve been so surprised at how courteous most people are).

    As for breakfast, it’s a lot more of your standard omelettes and hash browns, as most people cook breakfast at home.

    I suggest you check out LACMA, Echo Park and Silverlake, and definitely try to go to Disneyland and Universal Studios if you’re a big movie buff! Oh and my favorite restaurant is Bottega Louie in Downtown LA.


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