(Day 6) Naked People


There’s something about Santa Monica. Maybe it’s the stripping sunlight or perhaps stores have been using thiner fabric to make cheaper garments, but everyone looks naked.


I don’t mean that people here are metaphorically naked or expose themselves to the criticism of the cruel world around them. No, most people in and around LA are transparent anyway.


I mean that when I walk on the Promenade or particularly down Santa Monica Boulevard, I can see everything, and I’m not even looking. Admittedly, it’s more a problem with thin women’s clothing and the sudden trend to not wear bras with cropped tops.

The other day I saw a woman wearing all white, and in any other light she would have looked stunning, and she was beautiful in the Santa Monica sun as well, but in the stripping rays that afternoon the sight bordered on obscene.


Some women will get mad a me and say, “Why can’t she show her body? The human body is natural and beautiful.”



But to that I would respond, “Does she even know she’s exposing herself?”


Was she even aware of the fact that we could see her nipples? This is in a city/town where even wearing jeans and a black short could warrant a man whispering, “hello, beautiful,”  in your ear as you walk past (also, dude, if you ever read this, that gesture was not taken as a compliment).


I mean, by all means, bear your midriff in that crop top, rock the short shorts, wear bikinis to Yogurtland even if it is a health hazard, but just be cognizant of the fact that the Santa Monica sunlight might strip you naked for the world to see.



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