(Day 7) Teach Them How To Walk


Just put one foot in front of the other. Walk right, pass left. Help older people cross the street. It’s not hard, is it?

This post is just going to be a short rant about how people in Los Angeles and Santa Monica do NOT know the proper way to walk. I’ve been walking for around nineteen years now, and I live in New York City most of the time, so I feel that i’m qualified to speak on the subject.


Walk right, pass left. If people in LA┬ácan’t get this right when they’re walking to Starbuck, then how do you suppose they drive well? Oh wait, they can’t drive either.


Let me tell you a story, or a few, as this has happened several times. yesterday, I was walking home from the Third Street Promenade when some girl in short shorts meandered into me, she just bumped int my boobs and kept walking. She clearly thought nothing of it. WHAT?!


It’s either the earthquakes or the weed, but you cannot just meander into peoples’ chests, California!


I’ve also had people smack me with shopping bags and elbow me when passing. You know that term “close-talker,” Los Angelites are “close-walkers.” Arm’s length away, friend, arm’s length!


That’s all.


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