(Day 12) Poaching Eggs

I love my mother. She’s a brilliant woman. She has an MD and a JD, but everything she cooked for my sister and me when we lived at home, well… It all tasted the same. Everything tasted like the oven. 
Teaching myself to cook in college was an adventure. I had this lovely roommate who would lord over me at the stove, saying,

“That smells gross, did you season it?”

No, I had not seasoned it, but after two years of living with her, you can bet I at least use salt and pepper now. She liked to remind me that her parents had urged her to go to culinary school instead of university. I’d bite down and try not to comment.


But I digress….


For my most recent cooking endeavor, I’ve been trying to perfect the poached egg. I noticed that idea of the undercooked runny yolk scared me a little bit. As a result, the first few times I made poached eggs, I ended up with, essentially hard boiled egg and a side of mild disappointment.


I wonder if many people hover over the shallow, simmering water with equal hesitation, picking up the egg with a slotted spoon, twisting their mouth, then putting it back.


Why do people hesitate? Because they’re afraid of getting hurt.


I’ve been hesitant about skateboarding too, but the thing is that when I hesitate on a skateboard I fall off. My heart pumps in my throat when the skateboard flips, but it’s never bad when I hit the ground. I made a runny poached egg this morning and I’m not sick yet. It was good too, well seasoned… *wink*


You should hesitate about the big things like money or signing a contract but at least when it comes to poaching eggs and riding a skateboard, hesitation is all for naught.


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