(Day 14) The Importance of Having Regrets

In Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle said that the end goal of all action is virtue. The sole goal of life is to be a virtuous person, and that virtue is happiness and therefore the ends to all means. I love Aristotle and I wish I could live vilrtuously all the time, but, I’m sorry, that is bullshit. 
It seems that more and more of what motivates people in life have an ends in themselves. And by that, I mean, we do actions strictly for pleasure, exclusively because we want it. Sex. Falling in love. Being a foodie (I take issue with people who call themselves foodies. It’s not a hobby to eat food. It’s survival, and it probably means you have no other hobbies). 
I don’t think a person should totally ignore virtue, but then again I think that doing things just for the purpose of “I want to do it” is not advancing the world. 
So, why was Aritstotle so adamant about living a virtuous life? Because maybe if we perform virtuous actions, we minimize the risk of feeling regret. 
Aristotle probably had a lot of regrets, most of them from only pursuing what is virtuous. Aristotle should have tried falling in love or buying really expensive sushi. 


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