(Day 23) Socializing, and Anti-Socializing


Lately, I can’t think of anything to write that you would care about. Yesterday, I wrote this post about my friends and different things that they point out when we walk around together, but I suppose I forgot to save it and it disappeared when I went to post it later. In any case, here’s what’s been happening in my life…

Yesterday and the day before I made two friends. One of whom is an actress, and a very smart one at that. She lives in my building and is trying to convince my sister to take hip-hop classes. I just want to watch my sister try hip-hop. It would be like watching stand-up comedy.


The other new friend is a very chill guy majoring in aviation. He points out all the planes in the sky and has lots of stories, which is much appreciated.


But sometimes trying to have a social life is all consuming. You’re constantly texting and thinking of things to do with people, modes of transportation, and whether or not they actually want to be friends with you.



I know that sounds odd, but seriously, not all personalities mesh. Trying to acquire friends, female or male, is like courting, and at first you have to be on your best behavior.  But I guess, in the end, if people don’t like who you are, then you weren’t meant to be friends. Who knows?


Aside from trying to have a social life, I’m like any other introvert of this generation. I’m watching cartoons on Netflix, downloading and subsequently deleting tinder, marathoning The Blacklist, memorizing lyrics to rap songs and practicing them in the shower, reposting about Gay marriage, and trying not to kill anyone when I skateboard.



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