(Day 25) Cookies


So, today’s post isn’t really about cookies, but damn, aren’t cookies delicious? Definitely something worth craving. Definitely more appealing than our actual topic. Anyway, today I want to talk about something that smells, well, not as good as cookies: body odor.

I feel like in middle school, they sit you down and explain puberty. They tell you that you need to shower every day and wash your hair more often. In my Catholic school, they went so far as to hand out stick of deodorant. And, man, isn’t deodorant great?


DID YOU HEAR THAT SANTA MONICA: DEODORANT EXISTS. Now, I know that the beach means heat and that means that people might sweat, but for the love of god, resident of Santa Monica, don’t forget your deodorant.


You can walk almost anywhere in LA and you’ll either smell a) weed, very dank weed or b) body odor, very pungent body odor. Anywhere. The Starbucks. Any of the billions of Coffeebean & Tea Leaf places. The streets. The public library. The promenade. The Pier. You name it, BO smells is there. The weed smell is, well, that will always be there, but BO is subject to remedy.


Dear Santa Monica, I will buy you deodorant, just give me a time and place, I’ll meet you and give you your very own middle school-esque lesson in hygiene, and a complimentary mini stick of deodorant.


End rant.


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