(Day 27) Pay It Forward


Yesterday was a Monday. I have decided to keep telling myself the day of the week or else I will forget, and isn’ t that sad? Anyways, I was applying for fall internships. My skills are best suited to editorial work and I adore magazines. I started with the publications that I wanted to intern for most desperately, even though I’m sure your supposed to warm up with your second choices.

I don’t care. I was feeling the application process yesterday. But let’s circle back around to that idea of courting your second choices first. I find this is the missing link between job searching and dating. I know it sounds crazy, but hear me out because I know that some of you have done this.

Especially with online dating, there’s the A person you really want and then the B person that you’re “talking to” in case the person that you really want doesn’t want you back. It’s a vicious cycle, and I’ve been both girl A and girl B.

I know when I’m the B person. They’ll see your text but not answer for hours. They send you snapchats that they post to their story just to keep you hooked, but it’s not really personal. Honestly, it’s a fine line between the person treating you like a B person and knowing how to play the dating game by being “aloof.”

Are you exhausted yet? I am.

Similarly, my friends are always telling me that I need to cast a wide net when it comes to jobs and internships. Honestly, no, I’m cutting the bullshit out of my life. I only go after the men and job that I’m serious about because maybe I can start the “pay it forward” of being direct.


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