(Day 29) Good Conversations



Some people are thrill seekers. Some are hell raisers. Some live off of adrenaline. Some live off of caffeine. I live on good conversations.


I like hearing stories, doesn’t everyone? And that, there is the rub: universality. People love to hear that someone understands them, and I like to understand people. Whenever I interview a person for a journalism class, there’s always something that taps into a well of information.


Most of the time, I just ask the interviewee about themselves. People generally like to talk about themselves. It’s the only subject in which they are a completely qualified expert. Another way to get people to open up is to talk about their passions, whether or not you share them, although being relatable is a huge plus.


Small talk is the worst. The weather convo is always boring. I don’t think that by any means you should put everything out there and make people uncomfortable *cough* my sister *cough,* but being open and sharing stories can be so liberating.


Conversation is an art. Not all conversations have to be elitist and academic, although those are great too, but a good conversation looks like an Edward Hopper painting. Effortless. The sky fades into the sea and the boat is stutched into the waves like it was meant to be there for the rest of its days, bobbing into oblivion.


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