(Day 31) Independence Day


It seems like on every holiday, people remind you that they’re still around and that they are thinking of you. Isn’t it an odd concept that on Independence Day, so many people gather together? Not really.

I love getting the “Happy Fourth!” texts from my high school friends and college friends, from family and extended family. But, as much as I love company and friends, lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the meaning of independence and being independent.


I think that, at least in my life, the truths and realities of becoming an adult are always initially blunt before time and thinking sharpens their meaning.


For example, “the only person you can depend on in life is yourself.” This is true, to an extent, because no one is going to have your back forever, but I appreciate the people I can count on for now.


Independence isn’t a quality, it’s a necessity. I feel like solitude is a good way to learn independence. As much as I love living with my sister, sometimes I just want to be alone, listen to Simon and Garfunkel, and go into a creative poetic depression.


Anyway, happy Independence Day!


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