Look at That

So every time I’m walking with one of my friends, I notice that they have a “thing.” It’s something that they point out on the street without fail, and it makes them who they are. Let me elaborate.

I have one friend that I  made here who flies planes. He points out every plane in the sky and he always knows the exact model and how it would feel to fly it. If you ever see a group of people walking with their heads craned back towards the sky, he’s probably leading.


One of my best friends at college loves guys with man buns, men with hair tied on top of their head or just long hair pulled into a bun. Personally, it’s not a look that I go for, but, to her, man buns are catnip. She points out very single man bun, and she even does a snapchat series of beautiful man buns. As a result, all of our friends point out these guys to her, and even take stalker pictures to send.


Another best friend from college can relate almost anything back to David Bowie. She loves him, knows everything about him. Someday I hope she meets him. One time his dog sniffed her shoe. She told me it was the best day of her life. She and I were talking about me writing this post. She told me that I’m the person who says, “I read about that in The New Yorker.” That’s so true.


Finally, I have a friend that I made whilst living in Manhattan. She just moved here after graduating from college to find a job and make her career in Los Angeles. She points out every dog and puppy on the street. If a dog is outside a restaurant or tied to a post, she calls it a “free puppy” meaning that you can pet it without the owner’s permission. She’s like a piece of home and I’m so glad that I have her here.


I’m sure that many of you have the same experience with friends pointing things out on the streets, and that it teaches you to have an appreciation for whatever it is that they love. Because that which is mundane and commonplace to me is unique to another, and, I mean this in the least cheesy way possible, that is beautiful.




One thought on “Look at That

  1. Now I am wondering what my thing is. I hope it isn’t correcting other people’s grammar. I hope it isn’t picking the wrong line amongst the checkout counters. I hope it isn’t taking too long to decide what to eat.
    Who am I kidding? It is probably all of those things.

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