There’s a difference between writer’s block and feeling uninspired. The other day I was listening to the radio and that Rhianna song came on and the chorus says, “bi*** better have my money,” and I started to think about the wide dissemination of her songs versus the lack of meaning being imparted onto the listeners. Suddenly, I felt uninspired.


Everything in our culture can be distilled into a meme. We can satirize and find irony in everything, but what happens when irony is inspired by irony? It’s not a very constructive path, and it’s derivative to a point of concern .

When I think about why this happen, I believe it boils down to the notion of “I” and “the other.” There exists a disconnect between the two. People are selfish.

It’s never a matter of “we,” it is almost always an “I” and a “you,” but never an “us.” Maybe that makes very little sense, but when influential people stop calling each other bitches, assholes, tools, and separating the self from the other, maybe some real change will occur.


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