A Saturday in LA

I’m a fan of routines. In New York I would get up every Saturday morning and get coffee. Then, I would drink my coffee in the fountain in Washington Square Park. Sometimes, I would draw and other times I would just people watch. Then, I would go to the library and finish some work. By noon, I would have the entire rest of the day to go on an adventure or run errands. However, I’ve never had a “normal” LA Saturday.

This morning it is overcast. My sister has taken the car and is spending the day in Catalina. So, that leaves me in the peace and quiet of our Ocean Avenue apartment.

I’m trying to think back on a Saturday this summer, and I can’t. Every day  falls fluidly into the next. They’re all a blur of coffee and skating, friends and traffic.

But now that I’m alone, I’m going to try to make this a lazy LA Saturday. Get coffee. Skate. Workout. Go on an adventure (or do laundry, I haven’t decided yet.) Curate a playlist.

Solitude and a good playlist is underrated.


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