Still Water

“Still water runs deep.” That’s a cliche that my grandma uses when people surprise her. When I was younger, she would tell me that my mom was always her quiet child but that she got married and had children first. So, still water runs deep, meaning that people are humming and pulsing beneath their exterior.

While that phrase is accurate in certain situations, it should never be a rule. It’s not a practice of mine to assume that beyond a projected image, someone is hungry for something. People can be complacent and content with a static life, and who are you to ask them to want more? to be more?

People have to want to change. I’m not saying that I’m perfect. There are definitely things that I don’t like about myself and that I’m sure people dislike about me.

But, lately I’ve watched my sister grow frustrated trying to understand why people are as sh**ty as they are. As a result, I’ve grown frustrated trying to understand what she doesn’t understand. It’s all for naught.

Sometimes still water is just still water. You can touch it and move it, but it will never be propelled by you alone.


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