Worth the Hype

I once knew a guy who told me that the best pizza in all of New York was at Luigi’s on 54th street. He talked about it all the time. His family had been going there for generations. It was “the best.” I always said that maybe we should go and then when we finally had the chance to go, he said that he didn’t want to go with me. Because what if I didn’t like it? What if it wasn’t worth the hype?

Living anywhere, people will try to tell you the best pizza place, the best coffee joint, the best beach…

When you hit a milestone in life, someone will undoubtedly try to hype it up. Thirteen didn’t feel any different from twelve, but you were a teenager. Sweet sixteen is seldom as sweet as they say. You probably won;t even know that you’re having your first date when it happens.

When you go to college, the parties won’t be half as crazy as you think they will be, and if they are, then they’ll be broken up faster than that guy in the corner can get drunk enough to get up the courage to talk to you.

In fact, there are very few things or places in my life that I’ve found to be worth the hype.

In n’ Out Burger: good, but not worth the hype. A burger isn’t life changing.

First Kiss: worth the hype, though second and even third kisses are far underrated.

SAT tests: not worth the hype.

DK’s Doughnuts: worth the hype.

Doing charity work: worth the hype.

Seeing celebrities in person: not worth the hype.

But wondering if the best burger in LA is worth the hype is trivial. Sometimes we wonder, is all of this work worth the hype that comes with success? Is love worth the hype? And the scariest question I can think of is Am I worth the hype? I think the answer boils down to something along the lines of “you have to believe you’re worth the hype,” but I don’t know. I’m only twenty.

Now, remember the pizza place on 54th? Luigi’s? It’s a funny story. Later, I had an internship down the street from Luigi’s. Every day on my lunch break, I thought about going there, but instead I sat in Mariana’s across the street, eating my sandwich and staring out the window at a question that I never bothered to answer.


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