Lost Angeles

As my summer nears a close in LA, I’ve become more aware of what that means in the next week. It’s Thursday. I leave on Tuesday to go home to Virginia. From Virginia, I’ll drive to New York City to move into my dorm. So, I’m trying to plan my last few days here. I’ve been so excited to get out of LA that I haven’t put much thought into what I’ll miss.

I’ll definitely miss my friends, but on the flip side I’ve missed my friends in New York. I’ll miss skateboarding by the beach, but then again  won’t miss the homeless people in Santa Monica that scream “Fagg** Bi***” at me as I pass them.

Have you ever noticed how quickly waves of people ebb and flow from your life. It’s remarkable. The set of people I’m texting today is entirely different from the set of people I was communicating with on this day last year.

When I was seventeen and I went away for a summer for the first time the fact that I might never see someone again made me sad. It even made me cry. It was great inspiration for writing.

But now that it’s happened to me a few times, I’ve realized that you can keep those people, those memories for that moment in time. You can watch them change on social media and realize that you’re no longer good for each other.

The idea that I won’t come back to LA doesn’t phase me, because I’ve put so much thought into the future, into this fall and all that comes with it. I’m ready to work, study, and make a life that’s fragile enough to be taken away from me next summer. I’m even excited.

I don’t know if I’ll keep up this blog. I truly enjoyed making it, and I hope some people enjoyed reading it. There’s nothing exactly novel about someone keeping a bog and living in New York City. I’m just another person in a window that is a box of light in a city of millions.

But, I digress, here are things I want to do in my last days in Los Angeles.

  1. Drink as much Philz Coffee as I can.
  2. Say goodbye to Ro***, M**, J***, No***, and Je******. (names starred for their privacy)
  3. Have a civilly nice meal with my sister’s boyfriend.
  4. Go to the deep dish pizza place in West Hollywood.
  5. Get people souvenirs
  6. Cha Cha Chicken
  7. Beach day with Ro***
  8. Buy one last art piece from Daniel Rolnick Gallery.
  9. Tan my legs. (Improbable)
  10. Go on one, last skateboarding adventure.




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