Getting Back Into It: New Era In new York

Hi people who read my blog! Long time, no see.

I thought that because  left LA, it was the end of en era. I said in one of my last posts that there was nothing new and interesting for me to write about when I returned to Manhattan for university, and I was entirely wrong.

So far, this fall I’ve done some pretty out-there things. I joined the Quidditch team. Yes, Quidditch, and I’ve taken on new projects that are keeping me busy.

Additionally, i’d like to say that even though I thought my friends at school and in the city were secure, I’ve felt somewhat of a draught in the social department. So, I’ve decided to extend my blog. No longer in LA, but still trying weird things to do in Manhattan.

So, if any of you readers have a weird thing, event, activity that you want me to try, just tell me. Even as a New Yorker to some degree, I can always be tourist in my free time.

Additionally, I’d like to say that


A Guide to Being Annoying at the Airport (satire)


The preparation for this hearty task begins hours before your actual flight. First, forget to brush your teeth. This will surely repulse the person next to you when you repeatedly try to make friendly small talk. Now is also a good time to drink coffee, monster breath.

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How to Get Ready for a Date (satire)


*disclaimer: not all girls get ready like this, but you’d be kidding yourself if you said you didn’t do it at least once in your life*

In two hours, you’ll have one hour left before you have to meet him at that bar or that coffee shop down the street. So you should leave yourself an hour for hair and makeup, an hour to decide on an outfit, half an hour to worry, and thirty extra minutes in case something dire happens.

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