Worth the Hype

I once knew a guy who told me that the best pizza in all of New York was at Luigi’s on 54th street. He talked about it all the time. His family had been going there for generations. It was “the best.” I always said that maybe we should go and then when we finally had the chance to go, he said that he didn’t want to go with me. Because what if I didn’t like it? What if it wasn’t worth the hype?

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Some people are just M&M’s


Some people are just M&M’s

sugar and chocolate

exoskeleton that snaps between your teeth

yellow like a taxi

blue like a Gatorade

leave them in the sun and they melt like lovers

they come neatly wrapped in paper packaging

that you’re meant to open

perforated to perfection

tempting your redemption

it wasn’t happenstance

you were set up

Saturday Poem: Blood and Compliments

there was a moment when you thought that you could see your blood

while it was still blue and pulsing

when you thought that you knew absolute truths

about helicopters and stars in the heavens

you definitely believed you necklace

when the clasp trailed to your collar bone

and it whispered in your ear that someone was thinking of you

and how they’d like to touch your skin

when you distrusted that the cracks in the pavement

were breaking your mother’s spine

was about the same time that you decided

you were probably wrong about everything you knew for a fact

so, now when he pays you a compliment it’s only true

for the next sixty seconds

even though when you say the same thing you’ll mean it

forever is a circle

the kind you can’t swallow

A Sunday Poem: Sheets


Sometimes I have a dream that I’m laughing

on white sheets in midday

in the room I grew up in

with the sun striping every shadow from your face

you pull my leg over your hip

and I say, “how romantic”

We both know the meaning

of white and light

kissing without tongues

laughing without jokes

dreams start and end like men

out of haze into haze

starting life without a shadow on your face

ending life under the cover of sheets