Little lover of solitude


walk down the avenue blocks

heavy feet in rubber boots
you’re in a movie

set to Spanish jazz

wash the world grey

observe the sky crying on the other side of a  puddle

maybe you’d be happier there

some better, sepia-toned, upside down frown

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On Harassment in New York City

IMG_0525Last Friday night, I went to watch a movie at my local AMC theater in Manhattan. It was a chick flick that started at 8 p.m. I went by myself. I am comfortable with going places alone because in my almost three years living in Manhattan I haven’t run into trouble and I most certainly had never noticed, quite so fully, my womanhood.

I sat down. Next to me a man, maybe in his thirties or forties, was reclining. He wore no shoes or socks. He had layered two graphic tee shirts. Balding. I thought he was waiting for his girlfriend, so I pulled my mouth into a false smile, took my coat off and sat down. Within a few seconds, the man looked at me and asked me my name in French. I don’t speak French, but I don’t think he did either. It appeared that it was the only thing he knew in the language.

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Getting Back Into It: New Era In new York

Hi people who read my blog! Long time, no see.

I thought that because  left LA, it was the end of en era. I said in one of my last posts that there was nothing new and interesting for me to write about when I returned to Manhattan for university, and I was entirely wrong.

So far, this fall I’ve done some pretty out-there things. I joined the Quidditch team. Yes, Quidditch, and I’ve taken on new projects that are keeping me busy.

Additionally, i’d like to say that even though I thought my friends at school and in the city were secure, I’ve felt somewhat of a draught in the social department. So, I’ve decided to extend my blog. No longer in LA, but still trying weird things to do in Manhattan.

So, if any of you readers have a weird thing, event, activity that you want me to try, just tell me. Even as a New Yorker to some degree, I can always be tourist in my free time.

Additionally, I’d like to say that

One Day, Last Summer


One day, last summer, I was riding the Long Island Railroad back to my Aunt’s house from a training day for an internship. I felt like I was going to bleed out through the blisters on my feet and my entire body was throbbing like I had run a marathon. So, I put in my earphones and watched a woman put on her makeup while riding the train.

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A Saturday in LA

I’m a fan of routines. In New York I would get up every Saturday morning and get coffee. Then, I would drink my coffee in the fountain in Washington Square Park. Sometimes, I would draw and other times I would just people watch. Then, I would go to the library and finish some work. By noon, I would have the entire rest of the day to go on an adventure or run errands. However, I’ve never had a “normal” LA Saturday.

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5 Things I Wish I Could Tell Myself as a Freshman in College


1. You’re free! Do whatever you want.

I’m not saying you should go crazy, drink, and party. But I wish I had realized sooner into my freshman year that everything that confined me in high school like curfews, cars, rules, no longer existed. My freshman year I remember calling my mom and saying that I was bored. She responded, “Bored? You live in New York City. You have no reason to be bored.” You don’t have an 8 to 2:30 schedule anymore. Make your own routine. Make your own life.

2. Go Join Clubs!

As a freshman, everyone is open to making friends. Don’t be shy, just say hello. If you don’t like them you don’t have to continue the conversation but the friends you make as a freshman can help you later on. That being said, you aren’t going to retain the same group of freshman friends. You’ll all find your own path and make new friends in the subsequent years. It might seem melancholy, but you won’t lose them. You should join clubs though, because it’s a good way to branch out and get free food.

3. Don’t try to date the first guy (or girl)  that you meet.

You’re just finding your footing in college, so is everyone else. Give yourself some time to take in your new collegiate world. Sure, that guy you met at orientation is cute, but he’ll probably be in one of your classes. Then, you’ll probably cut things off two weeks into the class and have to suffer through the rest of the course with him. Or not. Laugh it off.

4. Everyone thinks that their roommate is the devil.

Here’s a secret no one tells you; everyone is hard to live with. Why do you think there are so many roommate horror stories? Believe me, someone will even try to demonize you, you little angel of a roommate. The fact is that, up to this point, you’ve only lived with people that have to love you. You don’t have to love, like, or even socialize with your roommate. Seriously!

5. Getting A’s in college is doable.

A lot off people slack off when they get to college. A lot of people told me that B’s were normal. I didn’t get a B until my second year of college. Think about it like this. You worked so hard to get into that university, why not keep up the fine work? And if you budget your time well, you never have to pull an all-nighter.

What do you wish you could tell your college freshman self?

A Friday Poem


he waits for someone to high five him on the corner

his arm falls asleep

it’s time enough to pull his blood towards his elbow

and the corners of his lips towards the ground

she’s walking without purpose

meandering into a shop just for a smile

her shadow is a sundial until dusk is her sweater

with feet so heavy they’re digging moats below 14th street

her hip is safely three feet away from his hand

he blinks once to tell her that he knows she’s there

it’s time enough to safely jay walk

or watch a rat walk under a taxi and emerge as a pigeon