Lost Angeles

As my summer nears a close in LA, I’ve become more aware of what that means in the next week. It’s Thursday. I leave on Tuesday to go home to Virginia. From Virginia, I’ll drive to New York City to move into my dorm. So, I’m trying to plan my last few days here. I’ve been so excited to get out of LA that I haven’t put much thought into what I’ll miss.

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Some people are just M&M’s


Some people are just M&M’s

sugar and chocolate

exoskeleton that snaps between your teeth

yellow like a taxi

blue like a Gatorade

leave them in the sun and they melt like lovers

they come neatly wrapped in paper packaging

that you’re meant to open

perforated to perfection

tempting your redemption

it wasn’t happenstance

you were set up


There’s a difference between writer’s block and feeling uninspired. The other day I was listening to the radio and that Rhianna song came on and the chorus says, “bi*** better have my money,” and I started to think about the wide dissemination of her songs versus the lack of meaning being imparted onto the listeners. Suddenly, I felt uninspired.


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I first learned the word facade/façade in middle school. We were learning about French art and architecture. The teacher put a slide of a church on the overhead projector, one of those crude, cumbersome machines with sheer printouts. She explained that the church had a false front or a façade. I remember thnking to myself (I wasn’t vocal in my younger and more vulnerable years) “why not make something through and through? Why put up a facade?”

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